maanantai 29. elokuuta 2011

Day is done

Some of you have been asking why im not adding any pics. Well, Im still sick and I have been feeling absolutely horrible. I got my medication on friday and today I finally started feeling little bit better. Hope im gona be healthy soon cause this really sucks! I havent had energy to think about my blog, what im wearing or actually anything. Maybe tomorrow I could try to take some outfit photos, if you guys are intrested.

21.8.10 001
When you find Dr.Martens from your closet without knowing they even exist, you know you have too many pairs of shoes.

And btw I found my funeral song, its above the picture.

6 kommenttia:

  1. ihanat noi kengät!

  2. you dont have to dress up if you dont feel well and have no energy, your readers will understand ( at least i do) i wish you recover soonly..

  3. feel better! :* Thx for the post and I hope that soon you'll be fully healthy. We miss:)

  4. hei! oon jo kauan miettiny et miten ton linkin saa tommoseks? siis ettei videoo näy, näkyy vaa tommone pieni palkki? :o

  5. Löysin sun blogin vasta nyt ja harmittaa älyttömästi etten oo bongannu ennen tätä! Aivan ihana<3


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