perjantai 14. tammikuuta 2011

Day two

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day 1. your facebook profile photo day 2. a photo of yourself a year ago day 3. a photo that makes you happy day 4. a photo of the last place you went on holiday day 5. a photo of you day 6. a photo that makes you laugh day 7. a photo of someone you love day 8. a photo of your favourite band/musician day 9. a photo of your family day 10. a photo of you as a baby day 11. a photo of your favourite film(s) day 12. a photo of you day 13. a photo of your best friend(s) day 14. a photo of one of your favourite family members day 15. a photo of you and someone you love day 16. a photo of you at the last party you went to day 17. a drunk photo of you day 18. a photo of one of your classes day 19. a photo of you on a school trip day 20. a photo of something you enjoy doing day 21. a photo of you standing up day 22. a photo of your town day 23. a photo of your friend as a baby day 24. a photo of you that your hair looks nice in day 25. a photo of a night you loved day 26. a photo of your favorite weekend day 27. a photo of last summer day 28. a photo of what you ate today day 29. a photo of someone you find attractive day 30. a photo of you when you were happy.

So hard to find any good pics. Im so glad that my hair doesn't look like that anymore. Dark brown hair was not my thing.

5 kommenttia:

  1. yes indeed, blonde looks much better on you <3

  2. en ees melkein muistanu että sulla on tän väriset hiukset ollut! Mun mielestä nää kyl sopi sulle kans!

  3. at first sight i thought this was a picture of katy perry! yes i am weird. :-) but you are sooo pretty!!!

  4. OHO! hyvä et blondasit:D ja hei onks toi kuva sillo ku lauraki oli?:)

  5. Minun mielestä sulle sopii tosi hyvin monenväriset hiukset ja ihana, että vaihtelet värejä. Nim. oma väri päässä/tylsä


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